Why a minimalist wardrobe is necessary to live sustainably


Fashion trends are quickly becoming popular. Cheap prices encourage people to buy more and more. The speed of fashion production has a negative impact on the environment because most of the textiles are toxic and they increase pollution. In fact clothes end up in the landfills causing big environmental issues.

How much waste do we produce every year? What can we do to avoid it? Being a conscious consumer is the answer. It isn’t all about buying less, but investing your money in quality items. Your choices will affect your future and everyone’s living. Before taking any actions, look beyond ads and trends.

How much do you know about your garments? Are their materials sustainable? What’s going on after you don’t need them anymore? Quality over quantity, It means that you need to buy less choosing more carefully. Once you identify the items you need, create your own style by selecting what makes you feel comfortable and unique.

This stage helps you to buy less and focus on clothes that will last for a long time. You don’t have to follow new collections and new trends. Many organizations encourage consumers to be aware of what they are choosing. Here are a few things you can do that are great to create a minimalist wardrobe. 


1. Choose neutral colours

In order to start a minimalist wardrobe, avoid purchasing trendy clothing at affordable prices. These prices encourage people to spend on upcoming collections. Neutral colours are always fashionable and you never get bored. Instead colored garments can be difficult to match and they change every new collection. A white plain shirt will never disappoint you. Colors suggestions: white, beige, black, grey, brown.


2. Buy good quality accessories

Accessories are part of your transition to a minimalist wardrobe. If you are in love with bags, belts, sunglasses, jewelry, hats, try to choose them wisely. These items can last for years if they are made of high quality and sustainable materials.


3. Decluttering

It is time to make decisions and take actions. Wear each garment and decide what to do with each of them. This process of getting rid of unused items is important to create a minimalist wardrobe, because you will keep only what you love. It might require a bit of time but it will be worth it. After going through all your stuff, put on the side all the items you don’t want anymore.


4. Organize by category

Separate all your clothes by category and make different piles. Store each category in the same spot: all accessories together, dresses, jeans and pants, shirts and so on. In this way you will find your clothes easily, and you will have a clear view of what you own. Fold all the garments and put them back inside the wardrobe.


5. Define your style

It’s actually very important to choose what you want to keep with you and what you don’t need. Understand how to create multiple outfits with the clothes you already have. If you think you won’t wear more than once your red dress, maybe you shouldn’t keep it in your closet. Defining your style means avoiding impulsive shopping and investing in items that you like.


6. Do a monthly audit

Keep your closet tidy and clean so you won’t forget what you have. A monthly check will be helpful to maintain your plan efficiently. You can use the “one in, one out” method. For every new item you bring into your home, one item must leave. This strategy is as simple as effective.

Besides all these tips, don’t forget to look for sustainable brands that use organic and eco-friendly materials to produce their garments. Don’t be afraid to ask them for more information and think twice before making a new purchase.