How to create the most sustainable Halloween

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How to create the most sustainable Halloween


Here we are! It’s Halloween again. The spooky season is the most awaited by children and all lovers of terror. This period is characterized by spooky decorations, featuring zombies, ghosts, creatures, and scary animals. As we all know, the undisputed symbol of the Halloween party is the pumpkin, used both as a decoration and as the main ingredient in homemade desserts.


Unfortunately, Halloween generates a large amount of waste due to the costumes used for the evening of the party, the plastic wrapping used for the organization of the parties. Halloween has a huge impact on the environment, in addition to the fact that a lot of money is spent. If we behave like conscious consumers, we should think carefully before spending our money on organizing our Halloween night. Instead of buying products that will probably no longer be reused, inexpensive and sustainable alternatives could be considered to respect the environment and save money. 


I’ve got you covered! Here are the best tips on how to enjoy your Halloween party by choosing the best sustainable alternatives and reducing useless waste.


Give up on plastic packaged treats

During this time the supermarket shelves are full of Halloween-themed treats delicious cakes, all kinds of packaged cookies, all food they just can’t say no to, especially if we’re throwing a party for the kids. Unfortunately, most of the food we find in the various supermarket chains is mainly packaged with plastic or another non-biodegradable packaging. Furthermore, the ingredients contained in these sweets are not always healthy and vegetable. Alternatively, there are two options you could consider: the first one is to cook at home, or ask for help from friends and family to be able to organize a party with healthy, homemade food, without having to use unnecessary packaging, and offer sweets and cakes made with simple and natural ingredients. This option is suitable for all those who love to cook and want to try new recipes. The second option is to contact someone who can do it for you directly: a trusted pastry chef, a friend who loves cooking, or a caterer to whom you can entrust the culinary organization of the party. In this case, you can specify that you want sweets made with mostly healthy ingredients, and use sustainable and biodegradable packaging.



DIY all decorations

Most of the decorations in the shops are disposable and made of plastic, and as we all know plastic is not biodegradable. In addition, themed decorations usually have a short duration, to end up directly in the trash a few days after being used. So why spend so much money on things that will only produce waste? By doing a quick search online, you will realize how many creative ideas you can make yourself at home using old clothing or durable, quality materials. Pinterest is the best digital platform where you can get ideas and make your party original and without waste.



Think twice before buying new costumes

Use your creativity before buying new costumes. Many people decide to celebrate Halloween with themed costumes to create the right atmosphere on the most terrifying night of the year. If you want to be a conscious consumer, always try to explore costume options at your local thrift store before purchasing a brand new costume. Unfortunately, many fast fashion brands produce millions of poor-quality costumes, made from unsustainable materials such as polyester and conventional cotton, made in countries that have poor work standards. Alternatively, you can consider renting fantastic costumes of better quality than any other fast fashion option. Many thrift stores have a few pieces or fabrics that you can repurpose into a DIY Halloween costume.




Choose reusable items for your party

Plastic? No thanks. To hold the sweets, you can use a wicker basket, a regular bucket, or decorate an unused box. Organizing a Halloween party is sure to be fun, but make sure you avoid disposable plastic plates, glasses, and cutlery and use regular plates and utensils, or opt for biodegradable or recyclable ones. There are many sustainable options for setting the table and decorating the room where the party will take place. For example, you could paint old glass jars and reuse glass bottles as candlesticks.



Pack everything up for next year

After spending so much time creating a zero-waste Halloween party. remember to put everything away for next year. You don’t need to spend money and energy every year on arranging decorations and costumes. What matters is to create a fun atmosphere with your family and friends. When it comes to sustainability, anyone can give their contribution and can do something to reduce waste especially during the holiday season where there is a tendency to use disposable products.

I hope these tips will help you to be more conscious when organizing your eco-friendly Halloween. By the way, don’t forget to enjoy your party. Happy Halloween!



I hope these tips will help you to be more conscious when organizing your eco-friendly Halloween. By the way, don’t forget to enjoy your party. Happy Halloween!

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