10 Ways to encourage an enviromentally conscious workplace

- by Roberta Guarnieri
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10 Ways to encourage an enviromentally conscious workplace

We spend part of our time working, some of us work from home, others outside. A sustainable lifestyle includes the workspace too. A green workspace can be achieved with small changes. The most important thing is to not give up, do what you can and all the benefits will become evident.
Your sustainable habits implement your health and satisfaction at work and they have a positive impact on the environment. Whether you work from home or in an office, remember that in your workspace, the light is important. If you can choose where to work, the best spot is close to the window. The sunlight helps you to save energy and improve your focus during the day.
Here are 10 ways to promote a sustainable work environment.

1. Lead by example

Each person can make a small difference and influence others to do the same. When working in a team it is very important to consider everyone’s needs. The biggest changes come from example. When you build a low waste routine, you give other people motivation to do the same. Some of the benefits of a sustainable work environment are: increasing individuals productivity, getting involved in new activities, focusing on what matters, improving healthy habits, feeling less stress.

2. Stationery and furniture

Choose recycled paper, refillable pens, refillable planners, bamboo staplers. Try to buy all your stationery items from sustainable brands. Reuse old jars as pens holders and flower pots. Get second hand office furniture like chairs, desks, conference tables, bookcases and if you need new stuff always look for eco-friendly brands.

3. Indoor plants

Personalize the space with indoor plants which boost people’s mood and purify the air. They are very important because the area will look more natural and comfortable. Moreover you don’t need to use an air freshener.

4. Reusable products

Reducing the amount of single use plastic items might seem impossible but it is actually very simple. Going to work with your reusable products is essential to cut off the disposable items. If you think about how many individuals are working together, you understand that a single action can benefit the environment.

5. Go to work with your bike

If you’re lucky enough to live close to your workplace, refuse to drive your car, instead ride your bike and make your way to work greener.

6. Promote healthy food

Prepare healthy meals to have at work, choose fresh fruits and homemade food. This is a little healthy habit that you can share with your colleagues. Try to reduce junk food’s consumption.

7. Save energy

Turn off unused devices, switch off the lights when you are leaving, ask for energy saving light bulbs, get more natural light from windows.

8. Talk about sustainability

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and knowledge. Start conversations with your colleagues, ask them their opinions, making them think about environmental issues.

9. Recycle

Recycle, recycle and recycle as much as you can. Create a recycling area where to put different bins. Ask your team to collaborate, because we are all responsible for our planet’s health.

10. Go paperless

A sustainable alternative to notebooks and planners is to hang up a writing board to reuse as many times as you want. This is recommended when you want to reduce the amount of paper. Documents, files, attachments are often sent through digital services instead of being printed and mailed. Use apps like digital planners to organize working appointments and schedule your commitments. Think twice before printing or writing down notes and checklists.

While you are working on your low waste routine, you can actually do more. Yes, you can show people how easy and simple it is to take care of the environment by making conscious choices. Everyday, everywhere is the right time to share your opinions and talk about sustainable topics. At work you can meet people with your same values and principles, therefore get rid of your fears of being judged by your colleagues if you suggest to improve everyone’s living.

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